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 From Karsten Evers - Janvier 2018

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MessageSujet: From Karsten Evers - Janvier 2018   Jeu 25 Jan 2018 - 9:33

Nyckelharpa Newsletter January 2018

Hello dear friends of the nyckelharpa!

Some news and events are to be told.


Eric Sahlström Institutet in Tobo, Sweden, 20th anniversary
20 years ago, the Eric Sahlström Institute was founded in Tobo, Sweden. Without Eric Sahlström (1912-1986) today's worldwide distribution of nyckelharpa would be unimaginable. And the institute, in its wonderful ambience, has made a major contribution to let his impulses have a lasting effect. Many of today's important nyckelharpa players have started their musical journey with a one-year course at the ESI in Tobo. We in the European Nyckelharpa Cooperation had had some very inspiring meetings at the ESI during our European projects.

We owe the founding of the Eric Sahlström Institutet to Esbjörn Hogmark, the children of Eric Sahlström and a few more enthusiasts. A whole lot of people working at the institute since its founding made its continued success possible with their engagement. We bow to them (what a nice wordplay in the English language) and we say thank you! Congratulation to the Eric Sahlström Institutet!


24 – 26 May 2018 ESI anniversary
The Eric Sahlström Institut will celebrate the anniversary May 24-26 including the festival ”Akustiskt i Tobo” on the 26th of May. More info on the celebration is coming up soon at

18 – 20 June 2018 Kollo i Tobo
”Kollo i Tobo”, summer youth course in nyckelharpa/violin and dance with Josefina Paulsson, Jeanette Evansson, Sandra Marteleur and Johanna Frithiofsson.

16 – 18 July 2018 Knavertorka, Tobo
”Knavertorka”, summer course in nyckelharpa with Ditte Andersson, Cajsa Ekstav, David Eriksson, Josefina Paulson and Marcus Svensson.

The next one-year-course at the ESI will start after the summer 2018.

20 – 24 August 2018 Laxon, the Salmon Island
International folk music course with Edward Anderzon, Leif Alpsjo and Petrus Dillner (all Sweden) and assistant teachers.
See: Laxon


Growing acceptance and appreciation of the nyckelharpa internationally
Among the impressing facts of the nyckelharpa in Sweden we experienced during the visit of the CADENCE project in Tobo 2010 were the inclusion of the nyckelharpa in the academic education, in normal music schools and even listening to a group of children learning the instrument. We seemed far away to achieve that in continental Europe.
But things are moving: Meanwhile we had workshops for nyckelharpa at the musical universities of Trossingen (Germany), Vienna (Austria), Leuven (Belgium) and Bologna (Italy) – though until now you cannot study nyckelharpa as your main instrument in any of these academies. But since last year the first girl, Angela Ambrosini, is studying with her nyckelharpa in a bowing class at the University of Leipzig (Germany).

Since several years, Belgium is on the way to make nyckelharpa one of the “official” instruments you can learn in the art schools. Recently, the minister has signed the plan at last. One reason was, that – as everywhere else – they were losing too many kids that started with a “traditional” bowed instrument after few months. You can achieve earlier success on the nyckelharpa thanks to the keyboard.
Didier François had a day of presentation at the conservatory of Mechelen. Now he can start teaching a group of nearly adults just now and a group of children starting in September 2018. Alex Pilz built him six study instruments to be rent so he can offer a start immediately, the interested people don’t have to wait for an instrument!

Also, in France we have now access to official music schools. A project “Llibre Vermell” at the Conservatoire du Grand Besançon just had a final concert with two nyckelharpa students of Annette Osann.

And at the Conservatoire de Dole there is a project "Musiques des Troubadours" with participation of Annette Osann and some children. Annette built six of her children’s nyckelharpas for the use in this project.


Germany and Italy

European Nyckelharpa Training
The continuous European Nyckelharpa Training in Germany and in Italy is starting in a next year. It is developed especially for professional musicians and music teachers. But beginners with the nyckelharpa and engaged non-professionals can be admitted, if they have some musical skills. Don’t hesitate to ask, if you are interested! Write to

Usually you participate a whole cycle of four to six modules a year. But you can ask for participation only in single workshops. An admittance will be decided regarding the organizational and content issues in each individual case.

See more information at

The dates of the modules in Germany 2018 are:

16.02.– 18.02.
Jule Bauer
Ensemble playing — vocal and dance music
Focus: Music from 16th — 17th century
20.04. – 22.04.
Marco Ambrosini
From Martin Luther to Johann Sebastian Bach
Hochschule für Musik Trossingen
08.06. – 10.06.
Didier François
Improvisation: theory, scales, arpeggios, timing
24.08. – 26.08.
Ditte Andersson
Traditional nyckelharpa music – Swedish folk music, together with general nyckelharpa technique
04.10. – 07.10.
(Thursd. – So)
International Days of the Nyckelharpa
Different teachers and subjects for choice
16.11. – 18.11.
Marco Ambrosini
Marco Uccellini (1603-1680): Sinfonie boscareccie
Hochschule für Musik Trossingen
Contact: Karsten Evers:

The dates of the modules in Italy first half of 2018:

16 – 18 February 2018 (with Didier François and Davide Castiglia or/and Gioele Sindona)
16 – 18 March 2018 (with Jule Bauer and Davide Castiglia or/and Gioele Sindona)
20 – 22 April 2018 (with Ditte Andersson and Davide Castiglia or/and Gioele Sindona)
01 – 03 June 2018 (2 June School concert, with Marco Ambrosini, Jule Bauer and Davide Castiglia or/and Gioele Sindona)

Contact: Marco Bartolini:



16 – 19 August Early Music Summer Master Classes in Bertinoro
Placed at the Centro Residenziale Universitario Bertinoro CEUB, for the fourth time several Master Classes for Early Music will be organized in co-operation with two major European University Institutions: the Fondazione Alma Mater of Bologna (Italy) and the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna (Austria).

Marco Ambrosini is the artistic director and will teach the class for nyckelharpa:
Early Music for nyckelharpa / Schlüsselfidel / viola d’amore a chiavi – Solo and ensemble practice – From the Middle Ages to Baroque (Languages: Italian, German, French, Spanish and English)

Saturday evening, 19 August, students and teachers will perform together a public concert in the church of Polenta, near the city of Bertinoro.
See more here:




Early this year, we experienced the Fürstenecker Bordunale 2018 with seven parallel workshops – including an ensemble course for music from Northern Sweden with Daniel Pettersson and a nyckelharpa course with Annette Osann.


3 – 6 January 2019 Fürstenecker Bordunale
The next “Fürstenecker Bordunale will be 3 – 6 January 2019. Daniel Pettersson (Sweden) Ensemble, and Annette Osann (France/Germany), nyckelharpa, will continue their workshops.
The website will soon be updated for 2019. (only in German, but with a PDF in English)

4 to 7 October 2018, the 15th International Days of the Nyckelharpa 2018
Especially those from abroad who cannot come with an own car are advised to book early. In the last years, we always run out of accommodation inside the castle. It might be possible to find a room somewhere nearby – as long as there are places available in the workshops – but then you have to drive.

These are the workshops and teachers:

· Jule Bauer – beginners
· Annette Osann – advanced beginners
· Josefina Paulson and David Eriksson – Swedish nyckelharpa music
· Olena Yeremenko – eastern European folk music
· Didier François – improvisation / contemporary music
· Marco Ambrosini – early music: Johan Sebastian Bach – workshop for more advanced players and with preparation at home – (A score book with music of Johan Sebastian Bach, arranged for nyckelharpa by Marco Ambrosini and Caterina Other and will be presented during the International Days 2018)
· In addition, Sérgio Calisto (Portugal), Johannes Mayr and Björn Kaidel (both Germany) will teach short workshops.

You can find the complete programme in various languages here:
Deutsch (switch to your favourite language)

Videos of nyckelharpa concerts played during the last few International Days of the Nyckelharpa you find here:

9 – 11 March 2018 Early Music at BURG FÜRSTENECK
Eating and drinking always was a topic for music. Thus, the workshops for early music with the ensemble Oni Wytars of Marco Ambrosini is dealing this years with “Musik zum Vernaschen” (“Music for Nibbling”). It is an event not especially for nyckelharpa, but nyckelharpas are very welcome.
See: – only German description ;-((

16 – 18 March 2018 Hummel workshops in Wiesbaden-Naurod
The “Hummelkurse” offer several workshops for different instruments. The course for nyckelharpa will be conducted by Caterina Other.

13 – 15 April 2018 Nyckelharpa Weekend in Altenmünster b. Augsburg
with Johannes Mayr and Markus Svensson (Gotland)



12 to 15 April 2018 Magnus Holmström in Belgium
Magnus Holmström (Sweden) will teach.
See nyckelharpabelgium for more information!


United Kingdom

7 – 9 September 2018 - Nyckelharpa Festival Weekend at Halsway Manors
with Torbjörn Näsbom, Josefina Paulson and Vicki Swan.
Organized by Vicky Swan


Some publications

Orlando Gibbons (1583 – 1625): Fantasies of two, three & six parts, arranged for nyckelharpa by Marco Ambrosini and Caterina Other
Order Link

Marco Suppo: "Tablatures for 4-row Chromatic Nyckelharpa"
Order Link

Marco Ambrosini: "Nyckelharpa exercises for daily practice"
Order Link

Playing the Nyckelharpa
Jule Bauer – Playing the Nyckelharpa, Nyckelharpa spielen.
Order Link

„Spela Nyckelharpa“
Leif Alspö: „Spela Nyckelharpa“ – How to play the Nyckelharpa, 3 Books and CD
Leif also made series of video on different subjects:

History of the Nyckelharpa
Per-Ulf Allmo, Framlades then stora Nyckelgiga : en avhandling om den svenska nyckelharpans tillkomst – The newest findings on the history of the nyckelharpa.

More publications of the European Nyckelharpa Cooperation


A few links:

· The European Nyckelharpa Cooperation -
(With the EU-funded projects "CADENCE - Cultural Adult Education and nyckelharpa Cooperation in Europe" and "ENCORE - European Cooperation nyckelharpa - Orchestral Experience"
· The website of the American Nyckelharpa Association (ANA) with information, especially on the American scene.
· The English Nyckelharpa Society –
· Nyckelharpa in France –
· The Swedish society for nyckelharpa "Föreningen Nyckelharpan", but with many international members –
· Another one of many Swedish websites –
· A mailing list about the nyckelharpa, organized as a Yahoo group, especially but not only with American users.


Best Regards

Karsten Evers

(European Nyckelharpa Cooperation, ENC)

P.S .: Of course we do not intend to increase the flood of spam. Who does not want to receive these nyckelharpa news, please report back shortly. We surely remove the address from the list.
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From Karsten Evers - Janvier 2018
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